Keep employees and customers informed during IT outages and scheduled maintenance

Real-time Incident Communications

Send real-time updates using e-mail, SMS, Slack, MS Teams, and more!

Public and Private Status Pages

Restrict access to your page via login, including SSO

Integrate Cloud Services

Add third party SaaS services like Office 365 and DropBox to your status page.

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Customer Status Page Examples

DOTComm - a status page client
Douglass Omaha Technology

"StatusCast's scheduled maintenance features makes our life so much easier!"

infor image logo

"The support we've gotten from StatusCast has been incredible."


"It's very versatile. We have a lot of control over the content."

university of alabama logo icon image
University of Alabama

"Extremely helpful and easy to use."


"Ease of use and user friendliness has been a big advantage to us."


"Love the tool and support has been excellent!"