Controlled Access to Your Status Page

Set up your status page to be publicly accessible on the Internet, or private for employees and partners.

Private Status Pages

Need to set up a private status page for your employees? Not every application is a public use service that you want the world to see. With StatusCast you can set your page to private and control who has access. Send custom invites to customers, end-users, colleagues, and other stakeholders to better support your need for privacy. You can even limit incident reporting by IP address.

Private Status Pages
Public Status Pages
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Public Status Pages

If you need to provide public access to your status page, StatusCast can do that as well. Used by some of the largest SaaS companies in the world, StatusCast’s public status pages allow you to communicate directly with your customers. Use our enhanced customization and page builder to maintain your brand.

Self Hosted Status Page

Your organization may require the status page to be hosted internally, whether for compliance or to keep the page only accessible to your intranet. With StatusCast you can download all of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you need to deploy your own status page.  You will still manage your status page from our hosted account and your local status page will still access our hosted service for data.

StatusCast Controlled Access: Self Hosted Status Pages
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