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Introducing the StatusCast Mobile App – Enhance how your end users experience IT outages.

Next time your users ask "Are You Down?", cut through the chaos with a superior status page experience that keeps them in the loop.
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StatusCast Mobile - Unmatched Status Page Experience

Customizable Dashboard

Empower your end users with the ability to create a personalized dashboard on the StatusCast Mobile App. They can seamlessly track statuses, combine data from internal and external services, and receive detailed incident updates. This feature not only enhances the user experience during outages but also ensures that they receive relevant updates, reducing information overload and maintaining focus on what matters most to them.

Tailored Subscriber Notifications

Your users can often be bombarded with notifications via traditional channels, email and SMS. With StatusCast Mobile, they benefit from the convenience of push notifications, they are instantly alerted about important updates in real time. This immediacy and specificity in communication significantly enhances user's experience during service disruptions, reducing alert fatigue and keeping them optimally informed.

Third-Party Status Pages

Our mobile app makes users lives easier by simplifying how they can monitor the status of third-party services. With built-in integrations with popular services like AWS, Dropbox, Google Cloud and more, users can easily monitor these third-party status pages. This eliminates the hassle of navigating various sources on the web, providing a consolidated, unified view that keeps your users informed about all the services they depend on.

Best-In-Class ITSM

Private Status Page

Empower your employees or SaaS customers with a private, internal status page to communicate incidents in real-time. Status pages keep your employees in the loop when systems go down. Providing updates across various notification channels about disruptions allow employees to re-organize their work and stay productive while IT works toward incident resolution.
Private Status Page

Status Page Subscribers

StatusCast's subscriber controls and segmentation offer unparalleled personalization for status page users. Component subscriptions allow users to tailor their experience by subscribing to specific services or components relevant to them. This targeted approach keeps users optimally informed while reducing alert fatigue from unnecessary notifications. Our scalable subscriber management and multi-channel notification capabilities ensures that every user—from customers to employees—is kept in the loop when IT services fail.

Codeless Integrations

StatusCast Beacons are codeless integrations that intelligently automate your incident response process. Beacons handle seamless integration with third-party services, subscriber notifications, automated incident creation and smart escalation policies. Beacons are created with codeless logic via our Visual Rule Builder, which enable advanced automation that triggers based on pre-defined rulesets. Designed to alleviate the burden on IT during outages, Beacons ensure rapid, accurate responses to IT incidents, transforming complex, time-consuming tasks into streamlined, efficient workflows.
Codeless Integrations

Check Out These Status Page Examples

Discover how industry leaders answer "Are You Down?" with a cutting edge status page. This blog covers 14 of our favorite Status Page Examples; from extensive design and branding, to custom status page views that display tailored information to specific audiences, this blog provides the perfect inspiration to anyone looking to build a status page to meet their needs.
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Status Page Customization and Branding

StatusCast empowers you to design stunning status pages that align with your brand identity. Building a status page has never been easier; use our drag and drop page builder, pre-made templates, and utilize custom CSS. Maintain brand consistency effortlessly while delivering an appealing user experience.

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