Metrics and Analytics

The devil is in the details.  Add custom metrics and SLA data to your status page.

Full on Service Level Reporting

Everyone has to live up to a standard. For your IT department or your SaaS application, that standard is usually defined around your Service Level Agreements (SLA). StatusCast automatically keeps track of your operational uptime for any single application or across every individual component and service you use us for.

You are always in control!

Every incident you create in StatusCast let’s you determine whether it caused actual downtime and should be counted against the uptime for the specific set of components that were affected.

The Devil is in the Details

Sometimes your customers or employees want to see more than incident updates. StatusCast lets you include historical metric information from a variety of sources. You may want to show server response rates, page load times, or any other time based data you can think of.

Direct from Third Party Sources

The StatusCast API let’s you push whatever custom data you want to display on your status page charts. We also have direct integrations with your favorite uptime monitors and Application Performance Monitoring services. With just a few simple clicks you can be showing a live data feed to your status page.

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