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Public Status Page

Private Status Page

Audience Specific Pages

Incident Management

Public Status Page

Dramatically reduce the cost of handling thousands of support requests when services go down by keeping users informed.
Build Trust With End Users
Reduce Help Desk Overload
Embeddable Widgets
Keep Users Informed
Fully Customizable
Multilingual Translation

Private Status Page

Effective Internal Incident Communication with permission-based access to your status pages.
Controlled Access
Integrate 3rd Party Status Pages
Uptime Percentage Reporting
Single Sign-On
Role-Based Widgets 
& Access
End User Incident Reporting

Audience Specific Pages

Give each subscriber a personalized view and tailored notifications, at scale, to keep them optimally informed.
Generate Custom Views
Audience-Specific Notifications
Mitigate Alert Fatigue
Enhanced Audience Segmentation

Incident Management

A Comprehensive Incident Management Suite to manage, collaborate, report, forensically examine and learn from each incident.
Asset-First Approach
On-Call Management
and Collaboration
Identify Recurring Problems
Manage Workflows
Drive Root Cause 
Map Dependencies

What is Status Page?

What it does:

  • Displays current service status (operational, degraded, outage).
  • Updates users about ongoing issues and their resolution.
  • Shows historical data on past incidents.
  • Notifies users about scheduled maintenance.

What it solves:

  • Builds trust through transparent communication.
  • Keeps employees productive during outages.
  • Manages user frustrations by setting expectations.
  • Saves IT time with automated notifications, reducing MTTR and downtime costs.

Who uses it:

  • Employees: Large enterprises leverage private status pages to provide a single-source-of-truth to employees when critical services go down.
  • Customers: SaaS companies rely on status pages to provide a first class UX to their customers, with real-time status updates and comprehensive notifications across all their products and services.
  • Users: preventing help desk overload, users depend on public status pages to provide them transparency during service disruptions. 

Features to empower IT departments

With a laser focus on simply reducing downtime, most incident management products fail 
to alleviate the greatest cost of outages, lost employee productivity. StatusCast 
helps keep employees productive by keeping all your stakeholders informed.
Codeless Integrations
Comprehensive Reporting
Teams & Shift Management
Enhance your incident management capabilities with StatusCast beacons, which enable codeless integration to any third-party applications and improve overall observability. 
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Report on the full range of incident and status page data so that you can identify opportunities to streamline and perform quality management.
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Easily manage on-call schedules, escalations, and incident workflows to improve response times and maintain seamless IT operations during service outages.
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Built to connect with your favorite tools

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AI-Powered Smart Incident Messaging

Discover the power of AI with StatusCast's Smart Incident Messaging, engineered to streamline incident communication for IT teams. Our cutting-edge AI assistant generates accurate and timely incident notifications, enabling your IT professionals to concentrate on addressing issues without delay. With the ability to analyze and emulate the tone of previous updates, Smart Incident Messaging guarantees coherent and polished communication for all your incident reports. Embrace the potential of AI to enhance your incident management process. Check out our short webinar to learn more about how our new feature is leveling up IT automation.
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