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Next time employees or customers ask 'Are You Down?', turn to a trusted status page that has withstood the test of time. See what our customers think on G2:

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See Why Our Customers Choose StatusCast

G2 Customer Review

"I've really enjoy using the product as it's easy and intuitive for administrators and consumers."

G2 Customer Review

"We have several different services across multiple platforms. Keeping tabs on each status and being able to accurately and rapidly post information on them for our users to access in realtime is incredibly valuable to our support staff."

G2 Customer Review

"Great way to let people know how the status of your services. With a Little work we manage to keep notifications flowing automatically via Email and Twitter using MS Flow"

Valero Testimonial

“As a result of using StatusCast, we’ve seen an increase in customer satisfaction, and a reduction in customer attrition”

Cisco Testimonial

“The service keeps getting better, even after deployment. Our team at StatusCast always finds a way to help us out, whether it’s fixing an issue or implementing a new idea.”

VCU Testimonial

"Having StatusCast has made it easier for us to get information out quickly and make sure that it reaches the necessary members of our community."

Different Status Page Types

Private Status Page

Empower your employees or SaaS customers with a private, internal status page to communicate incidents in real-time. Status pages keep your employees in the loop when systems go down. Providing updates across various notification channels about disruptions allow employees to re-organize their work and stay productive while IT works toward incident resolution.
Private Status Page

Incident Management

Our productivity-centric Incident Management software helps your IT team effectively organize incident workflows, automate tasks, collaborate, and escalate issues in the most efficient way possible in order to restore services as fast as possible.
Incident Management

Public Status Page

Public status pages are a key component to delivering a first class experience to your customers. Transparency during unexpected downtime and scheduled maintenance, through a unified status page and multi-channel notifications, ensures a smooth UX for your customers and helps to build brand trust.
Public Status Page

Learn How Cisco Saved 4 Hours Per Incident

See how digital communication giant Cisco harnessed StatusCast’s private status page to revolutionize their internal incident communication across a global workforce of 80,000 employees.

Cisco's previous architecture for incident notification emerged as a costly bottleneck, proving inefficient and restricting the seamless flow of crucial updates. Given the intricate nexus of services and the broad spectrum of stakeholders, the inadequacy of their former system propelled Cisco to embark on a quest for a sophisticated, robust solution to refine their incident communication landscape - The StatusCast Private Status Page. 
Case Study

Codeless Integrations

StatusCast Beacons are codeless integrations that intelligently automate your incident response process. Beacons handle seamless integration with third-party services, subscriber notifications, automated incident creation and smart escalation policies. Beacons are created with codeless logic via our Visual Rule Builder, which enable advanced automation that triggers based on pre-defined rulesets. Designed to alleviate the burden on IT during outages, Beacons ensure rapid, accurate responses to IT incidents, transforming complex, time-consuming tasks into streamlined, efficient workflows.

Third-Party Status Page Integrations

Collate third-party private status page services into a centralized location, offering your end users a comprehensive master view of all relevant service statuses. By providing a robust single source of truth, you mitigate wasted time and uncertainty during service outages, eliminating the need for users to monitor multiple scattered status pages. Selectively integrate specific components and services from numerous third-party providers.

Status Page Customization and Branding

StatusCast empowers you to design stunning status pages that align with your brand identity. Building a status page has never been easier; use our drag and drop page builder, pre-made templates, and utilize custom CSS. Maintain brand consistency effortlessly while delivering an appealing user experience.

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