Incident Management and Status Pages for Managed Service Providers

When customers are partners that depend on you for IT services, they deserve first rate Incident Management to support their SLAs and status pages to provide transparency.

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As a Managed Service Provider it is very likely that your customers look on you as a highly trusted partner on which they are dependent for their entire infrastructure. Incident Management is essential for maximizing uptime and meeting SLAs, while status pages provide the transparent communication needed to provide a proactive approach and demonstrate commitment to the highest levels of service.

Incident Management supports your SLAs through providing a structured approach that sees faults rectified as quickly as possible, and an organized methodology for planning and managing maintenance. Ultimately, this helps build a more resilient infrastructure and improves the availability across your MSP services .
Good communication is highly valued. But many just don’t get that it is a powerful strategic element in providing managed services. MSPs that use status pages most effectively are able to show customers that they are truly working on their behalf, underscore their credentials as trustworthy, and project the power of their brand.

Stop Wondering What a Great Incident Management and Status Page Solution Looks Like!

Customer Status Page Examples

Advantages for MSPs

Built for MSPs

StatusCast is built for MSP’s like you. Manage IT assets that your customers share across your infrastructure. Get the right members of your team working the problem right away. Communicate clearly with the affected customers from within our status dashboard and easily manage all status pages from a single location. We make it easy for your operations teams to juggle all client communications. Special MSP licensing deals let you reduce your upfront investment in deploying status pages to all your customers.

Coordinate with Customers

Provide your customers with their own private status page and keep them informed when you are working on their infrastructure. Communicate scheduled downtime to prevent the barrage of inbound help desk calls that typically result when apps or infrastructure goes down.

Broadcast Your Value

Your customer’s status pages give them direct insight into the work that you do and the value you provide as a Managed Service Provider. Transparency into system uptime, incident management, and the overall status of your customer’s infrastructure builds trust and strengthens your relationship to them.

Integrates with IT Ops and Help Desks

StatusCast is fully integrated with all the popular IT Ops and Helpdesk systems. Auto create ‘end user friendly’ incident reports when we are notified by your Operations Management and Monitoring software. Your IT staff can review each incident before it’s published and your customers are alerted.

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