Incident Management Reporting and Insights

Effective incident reporting and tracking KPIs are crucial, providing insights that improve incident management reporting over time. StatusCast comes loaded with reports constituting a comprehensive incident management dashboard, helping to identify and anticipate recurring service problems.

Incident Management & Status Page Reports


Our incident management reports provide a detailed analysis of past incidents and how they affect your organization. Measure team efficiency and resolution time, and identify IT assets prone to problems and recurring root causes with our incident report dashboard.


Measure how effective individuals and teams are at remediation when performing the specific tasks assigned to them. Use task reporting to identify bottlenecks in the incident management process relative to task assignments.


Every business service has to perform to a standard. For your IT department or your SaaS application, these standards are usually defined by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). With StatusCast, you automatically keep track of the operational uptime for all your corporate assets or across every individual component and service.


Report on the end user, employee, and customer subscriptions to your status page. See who’s receiving what notifications, and make sure everyone is in the loop and fully briefed.


StatusCast provides a fully auditable record of every notification that is sent to your team, employees, customers, and partners. With our notification reporting you get a complete audit and traceability for the communication history of each incident.


In addition to direct integration with Google Analytics, StatusCast provides traffic reports right out of the box to give you a high level view, so you see when, why and how often your status page is visited.

Unmatched Incident Reporting

Track Your IT Performance

Our reports are built to monitor your incident management KPIs effectively, providing valuable insights into your IT department's performance. By tracking every relevant KPI for incident management, you can assess the efficiency of your incident response processes and identify areas for improvement. Our incident management reports offer a comprehensive overview of your incident KPI dashboard, giving you the necessary data to make informed decisions and optimize your IT operations.

Maintain System Stability

With our incident management KPI dashboard, you gain access to real-time data on system health and resource allocation. This allows you to ensure that critical services are adequately supported and required resources are effectively managed. Our incident management tools enable you to maintain system stability, review program performance, and take prompt action to prevent downtime and ensure the continued smooth operation of your IT infrastructure.

Proactive Incident Management

Our root cause analysis (RCA) report allows you to delve deep into the origins of incidents, identifying recurring issues and proactively working to mitigate them going forward. Utilize our versatile Root Cause Analysis templates and comprehensive reporting on previous RCAs to enhance your team's preparedness and continuously improve your incident management processes. By addressing the root causes of incidents, you can proactively strengthen your IT infrastructure to mitigate recurring issues.

Data-Driven Incident Management

Embrace data-driven incident management with our comprehensive reporting features, designed to provide valuable insights and analytics that inform your decision-making process. By closely monitoring relevant KPIs for incident management, you can detect patterns and trends that reveal the overall performance of your IT operations. Our incident dashboard offers a wealth of information that helps you identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions on resource allocation, system health, and support services.

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