End User Incident Reporting>

Your status page is a central point of information for your customers and employees. With StatusCast’s end-user reporting, you no longer have static, read-only status pages.

Streamlining and Accelerating Incident Reporting

With end user incident reporting enabled on your deployment, end users interact with the IT team by using the page to actually report a problem.

Indicate Issues

End users are able to simply click on a service component from the status page to quickly indicate the issue.

Pending Issues

Our Beacon and escalation rules automatically convert end user reports into pending incidents when a service is reported as down by users within a specified timeframe.

This is a great benefit to customers, fitting with the natural response and accelerating and streamlining the flow of problem reporting.

Often, if a user is having trouble accessing a service, they check the status page to see if the IT team has reported something is wrong. When the status page declares that everything is OK, the next thing the user wants to do is report the problem. They can do so quickly and directly from the status page.

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