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StatusCast’s Beacons are a code free way to integrate with just about any other IT infrastructure asset or service. Use Beacons to manage all alerts and notifications that create or update the status of incidents within your account.

Configure your Beacons for Rules-Based Automation

Rules-based Automation

You can literally push any content to your StatusCast account via webhooks or e-mail. Configure your Beacons to parse the content in any way you like and create an endless set of rules and actions that you want to take place based on everything you receive.

Beacons for Codeless Integrations Preference

Prefer Manual to Auto?

As Beacons arrive from your third party systems, you can alert your team and have them acknowledge the event before triggering automated rules. However, if you prefer manual control at this stage, your team can manually migrate any external event to a new incident.

 Drag and Drop Management

Drag and Drop Management

Enjoy the intuitive ease of use that comes from the visualization that is inherent within our Kanban board. Simply drag and drop to move, reorder and manage the lifecycle of inbound Beacons.


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Hundreds of 3rd Party Integrations

Set up Beacons to receive alerts from all your third party monitoring services. We provide out of the box support for all your favorite enterprise applications, and if we don’t have an out of the box integration, getting the tool you use to work with us is literally just a few clicks away.

We’ve pre-built integrations, so you get out of the box integration with hundreds of third party status pages from all your favorite cloud and SaaS applications. You can seamlessly receive status alerts from any third party SaaS service and act upon those alerts internally.

Perhaps you want to notify your team that Azure is down? Or maybe you want to push a scheduled maintenance event from Dropbox to all your employees, letting them know it will be down for a few hours?

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