New Company Fills Void in Marketplace for Application Status Page Publishing

Uptimely, a cloud-based platform that allows DevOps to unify communications with end-users regarding application downtime status and scheduled maintenance, announces the launch of its company and offering to the marketplace.

With system downtime costing up to $20 billion in lost productivity every year, Uptimely mitigates this by functioning as a real-time public facing communications hub whenever it is necessary to convey the status about a company’s system.

“We were looking for something that was designed to communicate our system status with our customers and couldn’t find anything. Everything seems to focus on internal communication. is exactly what we were looking for. makes it extremely easy for us to be transparent with our customers which is essential to building a loyal customer base” Brian Razzaque, CEO, SocialToaster.

Traditional application monitoring tools are built to alert IT of potential system problems. Uptimely solves the second half of the uptime challenge by allowing you to selectively determine, when and what issues need to be conveyed to the end-user.

“We provide the capability for DevOps to build status pages designed for end-user digestion” Alex Bloom, Founder and CEO, Uptimely. “Most businesses confront considerable challenges in notifying customers, employees and suppliers about downtime. Uptimely hooks into the monitoring systems you already have in place, and allows companies to disseminate and streamline uptime notices via e-mail, SMS, and the entire social world with the push of a button.”

Uptimely provides three major benefits for companies:

  • End-users are immediately notified via multiple mediums when a system, application or component is down, as well as back online.
  • It streamlines helpdesk activities; reduces communications costs and automatically builds Service Level Agreement reports.
  • By providing transparency, it establishes goodwill, builds trust and ensures that users remain loyal.

“Unfortunately your applications will go down,” continued Bloom. “Gartner calculated downtime for an average organization to be 87 hours a year. How a company chooses to react is critical and has a direct impact on its bottom line.”


Established in 2013, Uptimely is committed to improving the way organizations handle application downtime. Uptimely is a unified communications cloud based platform that allows IT to easily communicate up-time status and scheduled maintenance messages to its end-users.  To learn more, visit

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