Set up default intervals for schedule maintenance reminders

Set up default intervals for schedule maintenance reminders

When posting a scheduled maintenance you will have a few additional options compared to a status in the present. You can have StatusCast notify your subscribers automatically when you initially create the event, days before, and even hours before it occurs. These options will be present when you create the post to modify, but you can also change the default settings to help standardize the approach.

To modify the default notice intervals log into StatusCast with your administrative user and navigate to the Settings > Scheduled Maintenance section.


sched maintenance


Here you can modify the defaults:

Auto Close will automatically close your post after the set duration has passed.

On night of posting will notify your subscribers of the scheduled maintenance the same night that you create it in the application. So if you create one a month in advance and select this option your subscribers will get details that same night.

Notify days before will automatically remind your subscribers to this scheduled event X days before the maintenance designated date.

Notify hours before is the second automatic notification to your subscribers X hours before the maintenance designated time.


Once you have made any modifications you’d like remember to select the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.