HipChat Integration

HipChat Integration

StatusCast provides the perfect tool to communicate application statuses with anyone. Many organizations employ additional tools like HipChat for internal communication which are great for keeping a company connected. StatusCast’s integration with HipChat allows you connect the two together so that any incident/statuses are communicated to your team in a specific channel.


With StatusCast’s HipChat integration your employees will always be in the know.

Integrating your StatusCast account with HipChat will keep your organization up to date with current statuses, and is especially helpful if not all of your employees are subscribed to StatusCast itself. To get started you will need to log into HipChat and navigate to your Account Settings. From the left navigation select API access.


hipchat token selection

You will need to create a token for StatusCast to use. Enter a label, we suggest StatusCast to keep your account organized, and select Send Notification for the scope. Click Create next.

hipchat token

Copy the token. Before you head over to StatusCast to finish the setup, you’ll need to select a Room which StatusCast will communicate. Find the appropriate room in your account and note the name. Now log in to your StatusCast admin login; [yourapp].statuscast.com/admin. Once signed in navigate to the Integrations section and select Install under the HipChat integration.

hipchat install

Enter your copied Token and Room Name, and then click Install.

hipchat install token and name

Now your StatusCast application will send post information to your designated room in HipChat.

hipchat incident info

If at any point you’d like to remove the integration simply go back to the StatusCast Integrations section and select Uninstall.