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StatusCast, A Hosted Status Page Provider


Atlassian® StatusPage Alternative
  • General
  • SOC II Certified
    We both adhere to the highest security standards available.
  • Single sign-on
    SSO, SAML, Active directory authentication
  • Public and private pages
    Allow your pages to be available via a public URL or privately behind an authenticated domain
  • Customization
  • E-mail content templates
    Build pre-generated incident content based on incident type
  • SMS Templates
    Customize the text sent via SMS alerts
  • Custom logos
  • Custom headers and footers
  • Notifications and Subscriptions
  • Mailgun
    Optionally use your own private custom MailGun account
  • Sendgrid
    Optionally use your own private Sendgrid account
  • Mandrill
    Optionally use your own Mandrill account
  • In-house e-mail server
    Optionally use your own in-house e-mail server
  • SMS
  • Webhooks
  • RSS
  • Slack
  • MS Teams
  • Components
    A component is a service or items that you want your status page to display and report
  • Control component access based on subscription
    Provide a custom status page per-user based on the specific services that user is subscribed to
  • Component linking
    Use linked components to visually display the same service in different sections of your component hierarchy
  • Component levels available
    Hierarchical depth of parent-child relationships you can set up among components
  • Set component status without and incident
    Individually change the status of a component without actually tracking it via an incident
  • Component based subscriptions
    Allow users to subscribe to individual components rather than the entire page (all components)
  • Third Party Status Pages
  • Office 365
    Add the status of your Office 365 account to your status page. Allow end-users to get O365 alerts from your status page
  • Azure
    Embed specific Microsoft Azure services to your status page. Get real-time integrated alerts directly from Azure sent to your page
  • Amazon AWS
    Embed specific Amzaon AWS services to your status page. Get real-time integrated alerts directly from AWS sent to your page
  • Other third party status websites
    Embed hundreds of other SaaS product status pages. Get real-time integrated alerts directly from these services sent to your page


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