Corporate Status Page

Provide your employees with a single status page to view the status of all your corporate applications, servers, cloud providers, and network infrastructure.

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Stop Wasting Money

A corporate status page dramatically reduces your downtime costs by keeping employees informed and productive. The average cost of downtime for mid to large size companies is approximately $5,600 per minute. Can your organization afford this?

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Reduce Help Desk Chaos

Prevent your help desk team from being flooded with an onslaught of support calls when something goes wrong. Using a status page with proactive notifications dramatically reduces the volume and time it takes to tell every employee who asks “When is the app going to be back up?”

Improve Employee Productivity

Prevent employees from wasting time when something unexpected happens. Keep them working on other things while you fix the problem rather than having them continually try to use something that isn’t working yet. For scheduled maintenance events, letting your employees know ahead of time can be the difference between a day of accomplishments or a day or sitting around and waiting.

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Corporate IT Featured Case Study

Learn more about how the Douglass Technology Commission uses a status page to change their old methods of communicating.

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