vs StatusCast

StatusCast offers a ton of features you can’t find in a Don’t fool yourself into thinking that all status pages are created equally. StatusCast pulls out all of the stops to ensure your status page not only functions properly but looks good while doing it.

Email notifications

SMS Notifications(no 3rd party required)

Scheduled maintenances

Response time metrics

Monitoring system integrations

Out of the box themes

Drag and drop page builder

Custom HTML content

Notificaton templates

Root Cause Analysis

Component specific visiblity

Uptime history reporting

Self hosted status pages

Fully customizeable

Design your status page in just minutes using StatusCast’s intuitive drag & drop designer along with some of our stunning themes.


StatusCast gives you all the tools needed to create and manage a successful status page. In fact we’ll give you exclusive access to features that you won’t find anywhere else!

StatusCast won’t hold back your creativity with design limitations. Truly separate your status page from the crowd by unlocking its full potential visually. 
Increase your status pages versatility by creating components with visibility restrictions, allowing you to control just who can see your incident information
Notifications are vital for your status page, and how you structure them is critical. Create customized email notification templates to ensure that information is being presented to your subscribers meets your organization’s requirements.
Take the driver seat and host your StatusCast status page yourself, giving you absolute control over the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required to use StatusCast. Read more about Self Hosted status pages.
Status pages don’t have to just be a tool used in the moment of crises, analyze and show off your applications performance with in depth uptime history reports. View individual components or your entire app over the span of weeks, months, and even years!

Pricing& Plans

  • Basics
  • $99.95/Month
      • Basic Branding Customization
      • 10 service components
      • 500 Subscribers
      • E-mail, SMS, and RSS Notifications

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  • Professional
  • $299.95/Month
    • Full Branding Customization
    • 25 service components
    • 5,000 Subscribers
    • E-mail, SMS, and RSS Notifications
    • Basic Integrations

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  • Enterprise
  • Custom Pricing
    • Full (css) Customization
    • 100 service components
    • 20,000 Subscribers
    • E-mail, SMS, and RSS Notifications
    • Enterprise Integrations
    • Private Application(invite Only)

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