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Better Serve Students And Faculty

Public Status Pages are the user-facing communication component of your Incident Management solution. When key infrastructure like your student portal or important educational applications like Canvas are down, your public status page will keep your support team productive by alleviating the flood of support requests.
Protect your university’s service status with permission-based access to your status page. Enhanced functionality for Audience Groups and Single Sign On provide highly specific controls over what your faculty and students have access to.
Our Incident Management suite lets you prepare and organize your IT team before outages occur. Be prepared for any downtime with workflows and tasking that you set in advance. Keep your support team optimally informed with our customizable notification policy.

Advantages For Higher Education

Services For Students

StatusCast empowers campus IT departments as they support students in their pursuit of learning. Our role-based status page subscription configuration provides granularity, enabling administrators to deliver status notifications to students about only those services that they depend on.

Faculty Services

Faculty members with different view requirements than the public can leverage our private status pages. These allow you to deliver the right level of information relative to the specific needs of your teaching and support personnel.

More Productive Campuses

Whatever learning styles are adopted by faculty, or favored by students, technology resources are critical enablers of learning. Managing service incidents with StatusCast keeps your IT team productive and accelerates them to quicker problem resolution. Restoring services as quickly as possible is key to minimizing interruptions to learning.

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