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Two types of page, but the same depth of information. For a public service, provide open book transparency with a StatusCast public status page. For private IT services, that you may not want the world to know about, restrict access to information by using permission-based private status pages for employees and partners.

Public Status Pages

StatusCast is perfect when you need to provide public access to your status page. Used by some of the largest SaaS companies in the world, StatusCast’s public status pages allow you to communicate directly with your customers. Use our enhanced customization and page builder to maintain your brand.

Communicate in Language Users Understand!

Get a communication tool for DevOps that speaks the language of end users. Don’t relay technical information that your end users simply don’t understand. Use a StausCast status page to communicate with your application users in a way that is easy for them to understand.

With StausCast, you control the information flow, ensuring your IT department speaks in one coherent voice to your end users.

Customization & Branding

Make sure your status pages conform with the design standards that govern the rest of your business with customizable, and CSS-styled branding.

Notification Channels

Full support for pushing out notifications to alert users and IT team members on all the channels that they prefer.


Manage your users as subscribers and groups, allowing them to receive updates on the incidents that are of relevance to them.

Metric Collection & Publishing

Assemble custom metrics, analytics and SLA data within your status pages to provide context and proof points for your subscribers.

Uptime SLA Tracking

Accurately measure, report and publish availability information on the most important KPI you have with StatusCast’s uptime tracking.

End User Incident Reporting

Make your status pages a two-way communication tool by enabling end users to use your pages to report incidents and service issues.

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