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Using a Hosted Status Page to Support SaaS Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that operates from the premise that less sales-y, more inherently valuable content will be more effective at capturing attention and building trust with customers and prospects. A hosted status page represents a real-time report of application uptime (often capturing both present/immediate status and uptime percentage overall). It can also contain information about upcoming scheduled

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Getting More from Pingdom with StatusCast

Pingdom is an application performance monitoring (APM) tool that is designed to make it easy to keep your finger to the pulse of your website or application. When application outages occur, you can receive a notification via SMS (text), Twitter, Email, etc. You can read more about Pingdom here. But what about notifying your customers? As with New Relic, Pingdom

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Using an Application Status Page to Send the Right Message at the Right Time

An application status page translates the technical information you’re getting from your application performance management tool into more customer-appropriate terminology about application availability. This information can be shared in real-time, edited or merely delayed before sharing, or omitted/restricted entirely if it isn’t suitable for customer consumption. The extent to which this information needs to be delayed and/or manually filtered will

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