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Delivering Business Continuity Through Innovation

Our Client

OnShift’s mission is to deliver intuitive software and proactive services to solve workforce challenges in the healthcare sector. The firm focus entirely on improving healthcare provision through an exceptional and engaged workforce. Working with providers to address the workforce crisis in the sector, particularly for those organisations with elderly communities. As the team at OnShift put it, “we’re doing it all with crazy good solutions brought to you by a team that rocks!”

OnShift is a Cleveland based company offering products and services through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, working specifically in the areas of home health care, skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. We develop products for employee management and engagement, including caregiver scheduling and other workforce management solutions.

With over 250 employees OnShift has been in business for about 10 years, and today relies heavily on its IT infrastructure to provide always-on solutions for its clients. Staff work hard to continually enhance features, deploy new products and keep the firm’s services up and running.

The Problem

OnShift had never operated a status page before, but were receiving an increasing number of enquiries from new and potential clients in the healthcare sector who needed to be reassured of their business continuity and disaster recovery plans as part of the procurement processes. In some cases, they were even asking for test results to check that OnShift’s systems were robust and effectively tested before closing the deal. This was understandable in a high-pressure service sector, and required the sort of solution that StatusCast could offer.

Additionally, in any SaaS business it has become standard practice when outages are experienced or during any period when clients are unable to access their services that the service provider is liable. Often this requires financial compensation based on metrics related to the downtime period. This means that SaaS service providers now need to be much more accountable for service problems.

A solution which could manage downtime, communicate with clients and provide robust business continuity processes was now a priority for OnShift.

Finding a Solution

OnShift’s senior team found out about StatusCast while searching online for potential solutions. StatusCast appeared to offer a service which would achieve both key priorities of meeting business continuity objectives for clients and improving and enhancing communication and downtime metrics.

“We really like having a website that we can immediately post information on in an infrastructure that is not tied to our own and an infrastructure that we don’t have to manage”

StatusCast also appeared to offer complete transparency for customers, enabling them to see the issues OnShift are dealing with which might be affecting their services locally. Providing real-time information about specific parts of the SaaS system that may be having issues at any moment in time is hugely useful, especially when combined with online and email updates and estimated repair times. Being able to offer this insight would make it possible to improve the Service Level Agreements which were in place with different clients, and would also provide accountability for service outages.

Choosing StatusCast

OnShift evaluated StatusCast over a period of a few weeks and were impressed with the user interface and the ability to monitor multiple products and multiple services appearing on the same dashboard. Reports, metrics and service logs were all seen as useful tools, as was the ability for service users to subscribe to email alerts.

“We had nothing but positive feedback from our staff, they really appreciate the ability to control the communication aspect of it – what they subscribe to and how often”

The Results

Versatility was a major selling point for OnShift. Having control over the content and the opportunity to integrate StatusCast with other services were features which were clearly going to benefit the business. The firm started to use StatusCast to fulfill the transparency required for reporting within each SLA, and to demonstrate the ability for the platform to enhance business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

For example, when the infrastructure at Amazon is down, StatusCast is running somewhere else. If the phone system and internet connection is down then StatusCast enabled the team to carry on communicating with each other. StatusCast offers an emergency notification system and staff can access the platform wherever they are to assess the problem and to make decisions about what to do next.

 “StatusCast was adopted as a tool for staff communication whenever there was any sort of outage or downtime. This is a really valuable application of the software because it means that staff can continue to talk to each other even if regular email systems were unavailable.”

Every six months the business delivers enterprise wide tests with a range of scenarios to test for continuity – even putting the building in lock-down and asking staff to work from home. StatusCast is the only communication tool available during some of those tests, proving its role in enhancing business continuity.

“I think our implementation of StatusCast at our organizational level and using it as a communication tool with our staff stands out there as being unique in the way we have dopted the platform. I think we’ve taken it to another level where we are using it internally for our organization and our own staff – not just application”.

About Us

StatusCast is a unified communications cloud-based platform that allows IT to easily communicate  status and scheduled maintenance messages to its end-users with a powerful application status page.

Never leave your employees in the dark again.  Next time an application or other critical piece of your business goes down, use StatusCast’s Corporate Status Page to effectively communicate with them.

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