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Enhancing Service Delivery Using StatusCast

Our Client

Modern businesses face a unique challenge when it comes to protecting their data, one that changes rapidly in our technology-focused lives: Backups fail; local disks fail; files become corrupted; hackers prey on IT users. Jungle Disk was founded to deliver robust data security to clients across a wide range of industry sectors and, since 2006, have been providing their clients with the latest technologies to keep their critical information safe.

Jungle Disk operates as a Cybersecurity company that provides different levels and types of data security for small to medium-sized businesses. Their products include computer and server backups, network security, email archiving and secure password management. Their packages are available individually or as a suite of services tailored to the needs of their clients.

Back in the early days of the business, the Jungle Dick team created one of the first products to leverage Amazon’s new S3 storage – allowing users to access enterprise-level cloud technology and power, without being an expert software developer. Today they maintain that relationship with Amazon’s cloud storage service, as well as now having added support for Google’s powerful cloud platform.

Their team of 30 entrepreneurs and security experts are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and serve over 25,000 customers globally, with data centers in both the United States and in Europe. Jungle Disk focuses on the provision of affordable services alongside incredible customer service and support.

The Problem

Although Jungle Disk has, for most of the last ten years, operated a status page for their services a brief period without this service quickly reminded the firm of how much their customers value this information, especially if they are experiencing local issues. The ability to look at real-time data to identify if there are issues affecting their network or local issues that need to be resolved is an important added value service for clients.

Continuous evaluation of the external marketplace ensures that the Jungle Disk is aware that some of their suppliers and competitors also offer their customers access to Status Pages. This makes it imperative that a user-friendly status page is always available. As a business with over 25,000 customers, it is also useful for the Jungle Disk team to minimize helpdesk calls with a self-service feature ensuring that colleagues can focus on delivering solutions and managing the network effectively.

When it was time to look for a new status page solution, the supplier needed to be able to deliver a product which was able to deliver detailed information, was customizable and could be used effectively both internally and externally.

Choosing StatusCast

Jungle Disk was referred to StatusCast by a previous client. Initial meetings demonstrated that the StatusCast solution would be a great fit for their requirements. For Jungle Disk, it was essential that the system was easy to use, could be setup with multiple admins who would all be able to create incidents, provide updates and close out problems once they had been resolved.

As part of the development of the relationship with Jungle Disk, we were keen to understand the biggest challenges they envisaged in the future for their sector. This was really important to ensure that they were using StatusCast in the most beneficial way, and could contribute to the future development of the platform so that StatusCast is always meeting client requirements.

As the key priorities were around cyberattacks,software and infrastructure vulnerabilities, it was even more important that both internal teams and external customers were able to keep abreast of any issues in their shared networks which might indicate a problem.

Having established that StatusCast was able to deliver exactly what was required, installation and training commenced immediately. Staff development was required internally to maximise the effectiveness of the system for administrators – this was mainly around the language used on the system to ensure everyone understood each other’s updates and information.

Customization of the dashboard was also considered carefully so that the team at Jungle Disk could be sure that they were providing enough information for StatusCast users, but not too much. It was also important to ensure that communication and messaging was consistent between users.

The Results

Jungle Disk delighted with the results now that StatusCast is up and running. The platform delivers exactly what the firm hoped to achieve, being more transparent with customers and enhancing the overall service delivery.


The senior team is confident there have been savings in terms of staff time, especially during periods of disruption with call volumes now much lower than they were historically when there were system issues. It’s great for both customers and the tech team when they don’t feel they need to phone up to find out about problems and potential maintenance. This of course translates into efficiency and cost savings.

Because of the way Jungle Disk operates StatusCast the metrics available to measure uptime and monitor disruption have proven very useful, while customer feedback has been really positive, especially the option to sign up for email notifications.

“StatusCast was a good investment. We use it to display our uptime and make customers aware of any service disruptions, service outages or weekend maintenance that could potentially cause some downtime”

About Us

StatusCast is a unified communications cloud-based platform that allows IT to easily communicate status and scheduled maintenance messages to its end-users with a powerful application status page.

Never leave your employees in the dark again. Next time an application or other critical piece of your business goes down, use StatusCast’s Corporate Status Page to effectively communicate with them.

Prevent employees from wasting time. Keep them working on other things while you fix the problem.

Proactive communication prevents the flood of inbound help desk calls and support tickets.

Let employees know that when things are at their worst, your team is at its best!

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